About Us

Welcome to BuyFauxStone.com store

BuyFauxStone.com provides our customers with a lightweight, easy to install system of architectural mouldings, columns and decorative accessories. Our strong commitment to customer satisfaction has helped make BuyFauxStone.com a recognized leader in the architectural moulding market.

BuyFauxStone.com products are manufactured using hard cast urethane, not Styrofoam. The products are molded off of real sea coral, wood finishes, natural stone, andother authentic details. You may use our product for both interior and exterior applications. This product will not absorb water, mildew or rot. It’s other qualities such as hardness and density provide an easy method of nailing and screwing. All Products are available in stone white or travertine stain finish, however you may paint or stain product to any desired color.

Our Mission is to provide our customers with a source of finished, lightweight, and easy to install products helping your decorating dreams come true!